Are Eggshells Good For Houseplants? (And Which Plants Like Them)

hand putting crushed eggshells into a plant pot

Gardeners and houseplant lovers have long been using eggshells as plant fertiliser. There’s no question about its beneficial effect in agricultural in general and in particular for houseplants. Containing beneficial nutrients, using eggshells is becoming more and more popular. Are eggshells good for houseplants? Yes, they are. The regular use of eggshells has a very … Read more

10 Tips To Stop Your Cat Eating Houseplants

cat eating a plant

If you’re wondering how to stop your cat eating houseplants or indeed why cats eat houseplants, then you’re not alone! Although cats are carnivorous animals, they sometimes eat houseplants. There is limited research in this matter, however it is believed that they could need the nutrients found in the plants, they could be extremely bored, … Read more