How To Use Mosquito Dunks for Fungus Gnats

close up of fungus gnat on green plant leaf

Mosquito dunks are not only great at getting rid of Mosquitoes – they’ll work on killing off fungus gnats too! Dunks will not harm your plants so long as you prepare them properly – so, read on to learn how to use mosquito dunks in potted plants, and how you can manage them over time. … Read more

Why Does My Aloe Plant Not Stand Up?

potted aloe vera plant beside trowel and spray bottle

Does your aloe plant look under the weather or slightly worse for wear? Well, it could be both chilly and/or drenched!  However, that’s just two of the many reasons your spritely aloe has become mildly skewed to downright floppy! Read on to find out how to diagnose the cause of the problem, and then we’ll … Read more

How to Clean Orchid Leaves (Five Simple Steps)

beautiful purple potted orchid with bookshelf in background

As their native home is in the tropics, orchids are accustomed to having showers! Growing in the wild, torrential or showers of rain help keep these stunning plants healthy. Keeping your orchid leaves in tip-top condition in the home or office can be easy, too. Worried about your orchid looking worn or unkempt? There’s really … Read more

Why Is My Pineapple Plant Leaning? (And How To Fix It)

potted pineapple plant leaning over on wood background

Pineapple plants are absolutely gorgeous to watch growing inside your home! As part of the family of Bromeliaceae, they’re herbaceous perennials. As natives of the tropics, they grow well indoors. But – I hear you ask – why is my pineapple plant leaning over? There are many reasons why a pineapple plant may start to … Read more

How To Care For Devil’s Ivy Plant – Complete Care Guide

Devil's ivy in a white modern flower pot over grey stone background

Are you a fan of pothos? What about Scindapsus? They’re both also known as the Devil’s Ivy plant! This indoor beauty has relatively simple needs, grows attractive foliage, and is super flexible. Growing freely, it can hang down, be trained upwards, or even horizontally! When cared for properly, this beauty can live successfully for several … Read more

How To Care For a Maranta Lemon Lime Prayer Plant

maranta lemon lime prayer plant in white pot sitting on a table

The Maranta, or Lemon Lime Prayer plant, is a fascinating beast! Its closing petals seem to resemble hands in prayer. But do you know how to care for a Lemon Lime Prayer plant for the best growth? This plant tends to thrive on plenty of water – but there’s more to it than just giving … Read more

Why Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Are Dropping

fiddle leaf fig plant being repotted

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants are absolutely gorgeous to look at – but unfortunately, they can be seriously sensitive. It’s not unheard of for this plant to start dropping leaves when you least expect it. But “why is my Fiddle Leaf Fig dropping leaves at all,” you might ask! As it happens, there are a few … Read more

How To Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

top down view of a fiddle leaf fig plant

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Ficus Lyrata plant, really is an outstanding-looking plant. It’s famous for its strong-looking leaves – but as they are super-curvy, and as this plant is also famously sensitive, it’s worth taking extra care. Do you know how to clean Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves, for example? In this guide, I’ll take … Read more

How To Water Aloe Vera: From Top Or Bottom?

top down view of aloe vera plant in a pot

Aloe vera is an amazingly rewarding plant to grow indoors – but how do you water it? Do you water aloe vera from the top or bottom – and honestly, why should it matter? Most people recommend that you water your aloe vera from the bottom of the plant, so that its roots get easy … Read more