How To Water Aloe Vera: From Top Or Bottom?

top down view of aloe vera plant in a pot

Aloe vera is an amazingly rewarding plant to grow indoors – but how do you water it? Do you water aloe vera from the top or bottom – and honestly, why should it matter? Most people recommend that you water your aloe vera from the bottom of the plant, so that its roots get easy … Read more

Is Rice Water Good For Plants? (And How To Use It)

woman watering a large houseplant with a watering can

Watering the plants doesn’t seem like a tricky job, but to really get them growing, it’s sometimes a good idea to look into different fertilizer options. For example, is rice water good for plants – or should you stick to good old faucet H2O? You may have already heard of gardeners using rice water for … Read more