How To Repot A Bamboo Plant (And WHEN To Do It!)

How To Repot A Bamboo Plant

Can you repot bamboo? Absolutely you can. As it’s a prolific grower, some gardeners decide to contain their valued specimens of bamboo inside, as well as to leave growing in outdoor soil. Using containers, it’s easy to repot bamboo where you wish without risking the plant taking over the whole garden! Knowing how to repot a bamboo … Read more

How To Choose The Best Pot For Your Aloe Vera Plant

aloe vera with roots sitting beside clay pots

Are you planting aloe vera for the first time? Did you know that the pot and medium you choose for your aloe vera plant can make a lot of difference? For example, when containers are inadequate or your plant outgrows them, it’s time to go shopping – here, we take a look at what you need … Read more