How To Propagate ZZ Plants (4 Fantastic Methods!)

person propagating a zz plant

Want to learn how to propagate ZZ plants? You’re in luck – there are four ways to propagate these lovable greens. Each has its advantages and, frankly, a few disadvantages. These plants really are worth the effort, and most new owners of a ZZ quickly become fans. These lush green plants are genuinely fantastic to … Read more

How To Plant Bamboo Seeds (6 EASY Steps)

young bamboo plants in small pots

If you are lucky enough to have some bamboo seeds to plant, growing strategies can depend on the type you’d like to grow – and when! Knowing how to plant bamboo seeds is, of course, just the start of your journey – but it’s still worth getting right. Below, I’ll help you decide how to … Read more

How To Repot A Bamboo Plant (And WHEN To Do It!)

How To Repot A Bamboo Plant

Can you repot bamboo? Absolutely you can. As it’s a prolific grower, some gardeners decide to contain their valued specimens of bamboo inside, as well as to leave growing in outdoor soil. Using containers, it’s easy to repot bamboo where you wish without risking the plant taking over the whole garden! Knowing how to repot a bamboo … Read more

How To Split And Repot A Spider Plant (EASILY!)

How To Split And Repot A Spider Plant

Splitting spider plants and repotting them into new growths can be very rewarding! Thankfully, the Chlorophytum comosum, as it’s known in Latin, is one of the easiest of indoor greens to split and propagate. However, it does still pay to learn how to split and repot a spider plant before you get too keen! In … Read more

Can Bamboo Plants Be Kept In The Bathroom?

woman in a luxury bathroom surrounded by bamboo plants

Native to China and other very warm humid places, there are over 1,600 species of bamboo – and most of the time, they fare fantastically well in bathrooms! If you are wondering whether or not you can keep bamboo plants in the bathroom, you’ll normally have plenty of species to pick from. In a rush? … Read more

How to Use Coffee Grounds for Houseplants

spooning coffee grounds into plant pot

Are used coffee grounds good for houseplants? The short answer is yes! Many houseplants benefit from coffee grounds being used to fertilise or feed them. However, just as some people like coffee, some plants do like coffee and others don’t. In the first instance, you might be thinking a bit odd to sprinkle cappuccino on … Read more

How To Choose The Best Pot For Your Aloe Vera Plant

aloe vera with roots sitting beside clay pots

Are you planting aloe vera for the first time? Did you know that the pot and medium you choose for your aloe vera plant can make a lot of difference? For example, when containers are inadequate or your plant outgrows them, it’s time to go shopping – here, we take a look at what you need … Read more

How To Take Care Of A Peace Lily: A Beginners Guide

peace lily plant next to bright window

Ever thought of getting a peace lily of your own? They make for brilliant entry-level plants – and are gorgeous to watch grow and prosper. What’s more, learning how to take care of a peace lily is surprisingly simple. Peace Lilies are plants with very distinct appearances. They have slender, dark green and shiny leaves, … Read more

How to Care For a Pineapple Plant: The Ultimate Guide

close up of a pineapple plant

Pineapple plants are simply stunning! They make a bold statement without being fussy to care for. If you have had a pineapple plant in your collection before, you will know that these plants thrive to produce fruit. They are dramatic, easy to manage and instantly recognisable plants. But, when it comes to pineapple plant care, … Read more