How To Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves

top down view of a fiddle leaf fig plant

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Ficus Lyrata plant, really is an outstanding-looking plant. It’s famous for its strong-looking leaves – but as they are super-curvy, and as this plant is also famously sensitive, it’s worth taking extra care. Do you know how to clean Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves, for example? In this guide, I’ll take … Read more

How To Water Aloe Vera: From Top Or Bottom?

top down view of aloe vera plant in a pot

Aloe vera is an amazingly rewarding plant to grow indoors – but how do you water it? Do you water aloe vera from the top or bottom – and honestly, why should it matter? Most people recommend that you water your aloe vera from the bottom of the plant, so that its roots get easy … Read more

How Long Do Air Plants Live?

close up of an air plant with white background

In their native homes of Mexico and South America, air plants can live for up to 20 years or more! By replicating their natural habitat so far as possible, we can work towards extending their longevity within our homes – but how long do air plants live for at home? Many of the species of … Read more

How To Grow Lavender Indoors (Easy To Follow Guide)

close up of lavender plant

Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender? Lavender plants are, thankfully, pretty easy to grow indoors. Many think of these perennials as outdoor ‘cottage garden’ plants or growing wild in fields. But, as indoor plants, they often have a longer flowering season, as they get plenty of attention! If you’re keen to learn how to … Read more

Is Rice Water Good For Plants? (And How To Use It)

woman watering a large houseplant with a watering can

Watering the plants doesn’t seem like a tricky job, but to really get them growing, it’s sometimes a good idea to look into different fertilizer options. For example, is rice water good for plants – or should you stick to good old faucet H2O? You may have already heard of gardeners using rice water for … Read more

Does Copper Kill Air Plants?

air plant close up

Air plants are generally very easy to look after and keep healthy over a long lifespan. However, there are a few elements out there that can prove toxic to these otherwise hardy greens. For example, does copper kill air plants? Perhaps surprisingly, air plants and copper don’t mix – as plants can die if the … Read more

How To Propagate Hoya Kerrii Plant (And What Not To Do)

Hoya Kerrii Plant

Hoya Kerrii is a gorgeous tropical plant that’s become a major hit in homes across the US. You may know it well as the Sweetheart Plant or Hoya – it’s a popular gift to give to loved ones on holidays and anniversaries. Thankfully, providing you’re careful with moisture and humidity – and know how to … Read more

How To Care For A Rubber Plant – Your Complete Guide!

Rubber Plant

Who doesn’t like a good rubber plant? These timeless indoor greens are easy to look after and make for fantastic decorations. However, many of us end up buying these plants without knowing how to give them the TLC they deserve. Knowing how to care for a rubber plant properly will ensure years of lovely green … Read more

How To Propagate A Xanadu Plant (Step by Step Guide)

How To Propagate A Xanadu Plant

Propagating Xanadu plants is a cinch when you know how! They are commonly known as Philodendron Xanadu or Winterbourn plants, and are natives of the tropics. To propagate them successfully, it’s not surprising that we need to replicate their natural growing conditions. Before you start dreaming of your own indoor jungle, however, do you know … Read more

How To Care For A Corn Plant (Dracaena Fragrans)

Corn Plant (Dracaena Fragrans)

If you are looking for an easy-care yet ever-stunning indoor plant, corn plants are absolutely worth considering! Learning how to care for a corn plant won’t take you too long – and compared to many other greens inside your home, you won’t have to do much to keep them growing and looking great. Corn plants … Read more